Cost of Living Workshop (2hours)

Delivered in community locations around the city this workshop focusses on using numeracy to make smart financial choices in tough economic times.
We will cover energy, food, shopping for value, transport and much more.
If you attend a community group or perhaps run one and would be interested in booking this workshop, please get in touch on

Building Confidence in Maths

Not sure about maths?
Dislike it at school?
Find it confusing or scary?
Do fractions make you ill?
If you’ve never quite ‘got’ maths, then this could be the class for you.

This class is taught over about 8 weeks and is very informal with lots of exploring, making mistakes and tackling some complicated ideas in a very relaxed way. If you’re thinking about a formal maths qualification but feel that’s a big step, this is the ideal bridge to build your confidence in those key topics. Play games, puzzle, problem solve and explore the subject in a very different way.

If you’re aged 19 or over, live in Hull and you’re interested in Multiply – Building Confidence in Maths, get in touch on 01482 485900 or

Learning to Budget

Interested in learning to Budget and manage your money?
This class looks at how we can look at our past spending habits and use free technology to get a better of understanding or where our money goes, and then provides a starting point to spending our money more wisely. We are not here to judge but to explore some tools that can help us make financial choices that serve us better.

This class takes place over 3 sessions of 2 hours. (Dates starting all the time)

If you’re aged 19 or over, live in Hull and you’re interested in Learning to Budget, please call 01482 485900 or contact

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