Our Mission:


  • To improve the quality of life in Hull communities;​
  • Bring to life the vision of a diverse and thriving community; ​
  • Give everyone equal opportunities to contribute to and benefit from the wellbeing of the community on a fair and equal basis; ​
  • To carry on identifying and addressing the needs of local people by working in partnership with the Local Authority and key partners in the city.



  • Are honest and fair in all we do​
  • Listen and learn from all those we work with or for​
  • Encourage innovative and entrepreneurial behaviour​
  • Show respect for community, staff, volunteers and partners​
  • Champion equality and opportunity for all

Our Strategic Priorities for 2021-26 are to:​


  • Be a fair and trusted employer who values our people​
  • Fight poverty in all its forms within our community​
  • Be financially strong and sustainable​
  • Care for the health and wellbeing of our community​
  • Provide & support access to education, training & employment opportunities​
  • Endeavour to make our community safe, resilient and a happy place to be​


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