What Do We Do? ​

We want to improve outcomes for children and their families in order to reduce inequalities, whether that’s in child and family health, life chances, parenting skill, child development and/or school readiness.​

We’re proud to promote the inclusion of all children and their families and carers, and aspire to create a safe and nurturing environment for all.

What Can We Offer?​

A wide range of services for families, including: ​

  • Midwifery & antenatal care
  • Postnatal groups, play sessions, activities and events
  • Family support
  • Parenting Courses and free online parenting guides
  • Training and volunteering opportunities
  • Housing, benefits & debt advice
  • Home safety information and advice
  • Healthy Lifestyle sessions and cooking on a budget
  • FareShare/foodbank vouchers

Working in partnership – Family support

Family support -A collaborative approach where parent’s children and staff work together through an Early Help assessment process to understand what is going well and identify where is support needed.
We offer support around, parenting, managing children’s behaviour, children’s development and emotional wellbeing, antenatal and postnatal support, Home safety checks /advice, managing money and budgeting support, Housing, Parental conflict and much more, as well as signposting/co-ordinating support to ensure most appropriate services are involved. The support is undertaken through 1-1 parenting support, via home visits, school / centre visits, small group work, providing advocacy support at appointments and leading “Team around the family” meetings

Requesting help or making a referral

If you would like to discuss or request support, contact the Fenchurch Family Hub on 01482 587550, or make a request here:




Fenchurch and Octagon Family Hubs are commissioned by the Local Authority to deliver Early Help Family Hub Services from Fenchurch and Octagon Children Centres.

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01482 587550

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