Sharon Igoe (Chair)


Sharon has been a trustee since 2004 and became involved after moving onto the estate two years prior. She has a keen interest in community development and social equality, which is demonstrated by 20 years involvement in community and faith groups and charitable organisations. Sharon’s professional experience has focussed on family support and community development roles which have involved supporting people to make positive changes for themselves and their families. ​

Altynay Guney


Altynay is passionate about helping others and committed to improving the quality of life for communities. She is proud of her achievements and successes and how she has improved the quality of life for herself, her child and others through a commitment to study in her quest to ‘learn something new every day’. Altynay has a very vibrant life, supportive family and loyal friends who have been paramount in her success. Cycling and Nordic walking ensure she remains fit and healthy.

Kellock Ainley


Kellock worked as a Support Officer for Probation, Queens Road bail hostel for 18 years. Part of Kellock’s role was to provide an advocacy service, helping clients obtain tenancy, training and employment. Kellock has actively volunteered at a Community Centre and helped to launch an open access computer suite teaching the local community basic computer skills. Kellock voluntarily provides advocacy services to the local community, advising on various issues such as housing repairs and benefit entitlements. Kellock is a keen photographer, creative writer and enjoys arts and crafts.

I stood at the top of the tallest mountain today
Moved my hand
To touch the passing cloud.
Felt that time had stood still for just a moment.
I glanced at the sun
And did feel its warmth.
The raindrops were all held together in a dark cloud.
Ready to fall so lightly on the earth below.
I stood at the bottom of the hill today,
Feeling the grass between my toes,
And the smell of the wild flowers,
So heady in the air,
The breeze from the mountain caressed my face,
And I felt alive once more.

Marija Berin


Marija is retired, but volunteers at the Community Allotment at treasurer. She has lived in the UK for 16 years now and during that time, worked as a care assistant. Previously she worked as a teacher in Lithuania.

James Halls



Neil Harrison


Neil  is born and bred in Hull and spent almost 40 years in Banking predominantly in the Hull and East Yorkshire area. During this time Neil became aware of Goodwin and when his time in banking came to an end was keen to support the organisation . Neil initially assisted with employability workshops and then with Fareshare before becoming a Trustee recently.

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