Family Futures project will engage with unemployed or inactive (recipients of ESA/income support) parents aged 19 + years.  Family support workers will work with identified families engaging with children centres and primary schools completing a holistic needs assessment around family income, levels of digital inclusion, personal social and employability skills.

This initial engagement will be the start of the beneficiaries’ journey through the various pathways available within the Family Futures Project and if required where short courses around family healthy eating and parenting skills can be completed.

The family support workers will work closely with a dedicated employability key workers who will help beneficiaries develop pathways around, personal and social development, employability skills, digital inclusion and work placements, whilst the beneficiary also receives wrap around support via the team and our partners which will help the beneficiary overcome any issues they faces, such as budgeting, childcare, travel and poor physical and mental health.

Each Key Worker will work with the parent for 12 weeks and would maintain contact for a further 4 weeks to support sustainable longer term results.



Danielle Train
Tel: 07815 554 648
Email: [email protected]


Tanya Vinson
Tel: 07973 393 878
Email: [email protected]

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