Wonder Walls


Wonder Walls began life on a list of a number of ideas for brightening up the decor of our large and popular Community Cafe. It very quickly became the only idea – and following a hugely successful launch in May 2011 (we invited David Hockney to open it – aim high – but he send a very polite and encouraging note saying he was busy with an exhibition of his own!), we have now hosted 12 rolling exhibitions!

Wonder Walls Mission Statement

Art from the community for the community.

Rather than staring at blank walls while you eat, why not have a side-order of art that has been painted, photographed, drawn and designed by local people from Thornton estate and beyond.  The art will include a mix of amateur and professional work; pieces produced by all ages and backgrounds – from kids to ‘codgers’ – from Caville Place to Kurdistan. The scheme of work will encourage the local community to engage with art and also provide an opportunity for existing artists to display work that is appropriate to a friendly community environment.

  • 2.5 years
  • 12 exhibitions
  • 8 individual artists
  • 4 groups
  •  4 progressions
  •  Artist helps Artist: the next artist to exhibit helps the previous artist take down their work.  Then in turn, the previous artist helps the next artist put their work up. Simple.