Two Way Street


What is Two Way Street?
Two Way Street will engage and work with young people from minority groups within the city of Hull with a focus upon new arrivals into our communities as refugees, asylum seekers or economic migrant’s. Young people must also have not worked for 1 year and above and willing to work with staff to identity and overcome potential barriers to their personal , social and educational development.
Our underpinning ethos is that,

“To simply celebrate peoples differing cultures is to sell young people short, cultures should understand, develop and progress together.”

Young people will be supported to recognize their own identify and roots and the role it plays in their new home and will also be used as part of their chosen pathway into further work or training.
Co-designed provision by staff and young people will feature throughout Two Way Street recognising that young people are the experts of their own situation and will be encouraged to work within the community to plan, deliver and evaluate projects with the aim of improving community cohesion, challenge discrimination and ultimately do something positive for the community.

Skill development
• team work
• planning
• meeting deadlines
• health and safety
• communication
• enterprise
• ICT/multimedia
• tolerance
• empathy/understanding

Work and volunteer placements
• warehousing
• childcare
• marketing
• catering
• youth work
• business administration
• Danny’s Dream (Health and social care)
• horticulture
• artists in residence
• West Hull Community Radio

If you would like more information on this project please do not hesitate and contact the Goodwin Youth Employment Initiative on 01482 485958 or alternatively at