Haven works with young and adult refugees and asylum seekers and their families.

Commencing in 2003, as part of a national response to the number of people seeking asylum in the United Kingdom, Haven has a lengthy history of providing a range of services for the refugee and asylum seeker communities of Kingston-upon-Hull. The project provides a holistic service providing advocacy and complex interventions through to mental health assessments, parenting skills and informal support.

Haven is a unique service that has worked in Hull with refugee and asylum seeking families since 2003. It is a project with six staff members; Project Manager, an Administrator, a Psychotherapist Supervisor, three Psychotherapists who have many years experience of working in this field and are specialists in trauma. Haven has developed a particular model of working which focuses on emotional support and parenting techniques where required, and all the staff members have extensive cross cultural experience. At any one time the project is working with about 45 families, which currently includes 33 adults and 12 children from a range of cultures.

Our practice is to work long term with many of the families, building trust, and often dealing with a range of family problems.  The most significant element of Haven’s work is that we access families who struggle to trust ‘official services’ or who are too isolated to approach services for help and in that way we offer a holistic service to these vulnerable families.

One of our priorities is to build trust. This has been one of the key ways that clients have increased their confidence and ability to access required services.  It is also a crucial concept in delivering services to the BME community as a whole.

When required Haven undertakes an advocacy role in partnership with clients to support them to access services they need.

In addition, undertaking networking and collaborative strategies with partner agencies has enabled Haven to act as a bridge between informal and formal services.

For more information go to the Haven website www.havenproject-hull.org.uk

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Health & Wellbeing


Meeting the needs of vulnerable groups in the 21st century

The Health and Wellbeing initiative within Goodwin Development Trust has been specifically developed to address the new challenges we now face collectively as a society:

1. The impact of lifestyles on our individual health, the decisions we should make and the support required to effect sustainable change in the medium and long term future;
2. Supporting disabled and vulnerable people to live independently;
3. Providing information and advocacy to pregnant women to enable them to have positive birthing experiences

These three areas of delivery allow our input as an organization to spread across the entire age range of the population (and indeed extends into pre-natal with services provided by the Children’s Centres www.octagonnursery.goodwintrust.org  and the Goodwin Doula Service www.goodwindoulas.org  whilst our knowledge and experience of the communities we assist ensures social inclusion is at the centre of all the services we provide. In addition, considerable attention is also given to the effects of a significant increase in an ageing population and the pressures which this can put on traditional support providers.

Since our formation in 1994 we have been at the forefront in pioneering new methods of delivering improvement to the life quality of those we assist (both locally and at a national level) in partnership with the widest possible variety of bodies who share similar aims and objectives. As we continue into the 21st century we remain committed to maintaining this approach by listening to those who seek to engage with us remaining innovative and flexible and then shaping our resource as required whereby meaningful outcomes can be achieved.


The Health & Wellbeing lead is Dianne Hamilton.

If you have any queries about services that we provide or have views on what services we should be developing please contact us we would be happy to talk to you.
If you have any questions about Goodwin’s Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Services telephone 01482 587550 or email info@goodwintrust.org