The Haven Project


The Haven Project works with young refugees and asylum seekers and their families.

Commencing in 2003, as part of a national response to the number of people seeking asylum in the United Kingdom, The Haven Project has a lengthy history of providing a range of services for the refugee and asylum seeker communities of Kingston-upon-Hull. The project provides a holistic service providing advocacy and complex interventions through to mental health assessments, parenting skills and informal support.

The Haven Project is a unique service that has worked in Hull with refugee and asylum seeking families since 2003. It is a small project with seven staff members; Project Manager, an Administrator, a Psychotherapist Supervisor, four Psychotherapists who have many years experience of working in this field and are specialists in trauma. The Project has developed a particular model of working which focuses on emotional support and parenting, and all the staff members have extensive cross cultural experience. At any one time the project is working with about 45 families, which currently includes 33 adults and 12 children from a range of cultures.

Our practice is to work long term with many of the families, building trust, and often dealing with a range of family problems. The most significant element of the project’s work is that we access families who do not trust statutory services, or who are too isolated to approach services for help and in that way we offer a holistic service to these vulnerable families.
One of our priorities is to build trust. This has been one of the key issues in improving access. One of the strengths of the Project is that it acts as a bridge through which refugees can access other services. We feel that this is a crucial concept in delivering services to the BME community as a whole. The bridge may be a community group, for example, a Refugee Community Organisation or a Cultural Association. It is through this networking that the Haven Project has been able to act as a bridge between informal and formal services.

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