Silvio Palladino

Through a partnership between East Street Arts and The Goodwin Development Trust, Silvio Palladino, a London based artist, took up residence in the Code 5: Live/Work project on the Thornton Estate in November 2014.

School installations highlighting rising sea levels and a sustainable shopping bag project were some of the ways Silvio engaged with residents on the issues of climate change.

Through working closely with the community Silvio identified the need for an outdoor space for residents. Historic research & community consultation led to the design of a community garden equipped with a pizza oven, tree house and open air stage.

Silvio said, “The creation of the garden was a great opportunity to translate the needs expressed by the community into a natural public space that will link the new Code5 housing and the existing community allotment.”

For further information see Silvio’s website:

Andy Pea

Following the success of last year’s residency, artist Andy Pea has been re-commissioned to continue his work on Goodwin’s community arts projects. Andy is a Hull based artist and a leading member of Kingston Art Group – one of the city’s longest running arts organisations providing affordable studio and gallery space for the artistic community of Hull.

In addition to his work as artist in residence Andy is also working at West Hull FM, the community radio station broadcasting from Thornton Estate…worldwide!. Through this he also has the opportunity to work with the ‘Forget Me Not’ Group creating oral histories for broadcast and puppet making as creative release for the over-60’s.

For further information see Andy’s website:

Carla Moss

Carla Moss is a Leeds based artist with a diverse range of work that explores our relationship with the environment, time and place.

Carla worked with the arts activists at the fringe events of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015 and has recently completed a permaculture course. This extends to her art practice at Goodwin where she has been working with the Thornton Urban Gardeners (TUG) group, Adelaide Primary School and St Andrews House at the Villa Gardens community allotment. She has also been participating in neighbourhood plans for green spaces in the area.

She will spend her time on the estate looking at the sustainability and biodiversity of people and places with projects being created under the title of ‘Greening the Estate’. Carla’s studio is currently based in the old veg shop in the heart of the estate – positioning her perfectly to engage the community in an ongoing conversation that helps bring art out of the gallery.

Carla said, “In response to conversations around sustainability we have boiled it down to ‘what makes us happy’. That seems a good place to start, being happy is sustaining”.

For further information see Carla’s website:

Artists in Residence 2014/15

This year’s programme culminated in a celebration event at The Octagon on 16 July 2015, with local MP Alan Johnson as key speaker. He said,

“We achieved City of Culture status as a city because we focused our efforts on what culture and arts could do for the future and what it can do for our communities. I think Estate of the Nation is the first living proof of what we meant by that…. This is a terrific project.”

Our commissioned artists were:

Silvio Palladino
Andy Pea
Middle Child

Watch a film of the celebration event (by Make Moving Messages)

Artists in Residence 2016/17

This year sees two artists – Carla Moss and Andy Pea – commissioned for the ‘Code 5 Artists Live/Work residency’, funded by the Arts Council and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

This participatory arts practice focuses on the issues of climate change and the natural environment, with a commitment to creatively engaging with the residents and the community of Thornton Estate.

To celebrate the mid-way point of the project an exhibition will be held at the Church of the Holy Apostles on Walker Street at the end of September 2016. Members of the creative community and residents of the Thornton Estate will be in attendance for this prestigious event.