Press Release: Artists in Residence on the Estate of the Nation


The latest in an ambitious artists-in-residence scheme is well underway on the Thornton Estate, Hull as part of the Goodwin Development Trust’s ‘Estate of the Nation’ arts programme.

‘Estate of the Nation’, now in its second year, is a three-year arts and culture project, funded by the Arts Council and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, which aims to engage, inspire and motivate local people who may not ordinarily be interested in the arts.

This year sees two artists – Carla Moss and Andy Pea – commissioned for the ‘Code 5 Artists Live/Work residency’. This participatory arts practice focuses on the issues of climate change and the natural environment, with a commitment to socially engaging with the residents and the community of Thornton Estate.

Following the success of last year’s residency, artist Andy Pea has been re-commissioned to continue his work on Goodwin’s community arts projects. Andy is a Hull based artist and a leading member of Kingston Art Group – one of the city’s longest running arts organisations providing affordable studio and gallery space for the artistic community of Hull.

One of Andy’s installations from 2015 entitled ‘Murmuration’ can still be found cascading up the main staircase at The Octagon on Walker Street. He collaborated with over 3000 members of the community to produce this large-scale public artwork, with participants invited to create origami birds, each containing a secret message.

Andy said: “The murmuration is really a by-product of the actual project. The exciting part has been the conversations, the shared memories and laughter that has happened whilst crafting the individual birds and the sense of community.”


Andy is also working at West Hull FM, the community radio station broadcasting from Thornton Estate – supported by the Goodwin Development Trust and funded by the Big Lottery. Through this he also has the opportunity to work with the ‘Forget Me Not’ Group creating oral histories for broadcast and puppet making as creative release for the over-60’s.

Goodwin’s second artist-in-residence is Carla Moss from Leeds. Her diverse range of work over the last 20 years explores our relationship with the environment and with time and place.

Carla worked with the arts activists at the fringe events of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris last year and has recently completed a permaculture course. This extends to her art practice at Goodwin where she has been working with the Thornton Urban Gardeners (TUG) group, Adelaide Primary School and St Andrews House at the Villa Gardens community allotment. She has also been participating in neighborhood plans for green spaces in the area.

She is spending her time on the estate looking at the sustainability and biodiversity of people and places with projects being created under the title of ‘Greening the Estate’. Carla’s studio is currently based in the old veg shop in the heart of the estate – positioning her perfectly to engage the community in an ongoing conversation that helps bring art out of the gallery.

Carla said “In response to conversations around sustainability we have boiled it down to ‘what makes us happy’. That seems a good place to start, being happy is sustaining”.

To celebrate the mid-way point of the project an exhibition will be held on Thursday 29th September at the Church of the Holy Apostles on Walker Street from 5pm – 9pm. Members of the creative community and residents of the Thornton Estate will be in attendance for this prestigious event.

For further information contact Sharon Darley, Quality of Life Manager at Goodwin Development Trust – / 07789 778109

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Carla Moss and Andy Pea, artists-in-residence for the Estate of the Nation project at Goodwin Development Trust.


Goodwin Development Trust was founded over 20 years ago by 14 formidable residents of the Thornton Estate, Hull. It is now a 180 strong community-led social enterprise, delivering a range of services designed to reverse social decline and improve the quality of life for all 5000 residents, with the belief that the arts and culture are critical to achieving that vision. The ‘Estate of the Nation’ collaboration is helping to do just that.

In the lead up to Hull City of Culture 2017, Goodwin is undertaking a major arts programme under the umbrella of ‘Estate of the Nation’ to connect with people who may not ordinarily be interested in the arts.

The Trust has been awarded £50k from the Arts Council and £79k from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to help develop their work in this field – they are now celebrating the success of the first wave of projects and looking forward to what is to come over the next two years.

“The Estate of the Nation project on Thornton Estate, Hull is exemplary”
Pete Massey, Arts Council England