Plans to develop church into performance hub!


The Goodwin Development Trust has applied for funding to transform a former church on the Thornton Estate into a community and performance hub ahead of Hull being City of Culture in 2017.

Plans have been submitted to Hull City Council’s planning committee and a decision is expected in November.

Peter McGurn, Chief Executive, Goodwin Development Trust:

“Our aspirations are to develop the church into a community and performance hub in the run up to and beyond 2017. We’ve already had lots of positive feedback from theatrical and arts groups and our plan is to open up the church for rehearsals and performances for groups from across the country that might be coming to Hull for the City of Culture.

“There is also so much local talent that we’d like to support, such as Middle Child Theatre, who we already work closely with. 2017 is going to be such an opportunity and the legacy will be those local projects that thrive and grow beyond that, which is what we’re passionate about helping. Culture to me is about local people getting involved in things they wouldn’t ordinarily and opening up ‘the arts’ to everyday people.

“We’re currently in the process of bidding for funding to enable us to acquire and develop the church, which we’re hoping to hear back from in the next couple of months.”