Volunteer Doula Project has been developed in Hull specifically to support vulnerable or isolated women through pregnancy, birth and early family life.

The project has been running in Hull for eleven years, and has supported many women who would have otherwise given birth alone. The women supported have very high breastfeeding rates, and lower birth intervention rates, and research conducted on the service demonstrates the difference the volunteers made to the women’s birth experience. 

The volunteers are trained in many aspects of birth and breastfeeding along with child protection and domestic violence awareness, and are well supervised and supported emotionally.

Many go on to study in midwifery or adult nursing, or gain employment in related areas. The Doula project seeks to ensure ALL women, irrelevant of age, background or income, feel empowered to embrace birth as what it should be; one of the most important experiences of her life.



Tel: 01482 497 811
Email: jburton@goodwintrust.org

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