Mending Re-offending

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Reoffending, the “dilemma” of the legal justice system.

Based in the Hull Magistrates’ Courts, East Yorkshire, Goodwin Development Trust Court Coordinators are virtually rewriting the book on reducing reoffending and recidivism with over £150,000 saved in avoided prison sentences alone in just 2 years.

By maintaining an observant presence through all Court hearings, learning 1st hand about a defendant’s lifestyle, problems, aspirations and through early intervention, they have become a primary key to unlocking the rehabilitation door.

Remedial – Rapid – Reliable

With compassion, empathy, extensive life skills and in partnership with quality support agencies, we provide an extraordinary “Generic Wrap Around” support service. Unequalled!

District Judges, Magistrates, Solicitors, Probation Service, Police, Public support agencies and members of the public are constantly and confidently referring people to our Court Coordinators.

Well over 1,000 people assisted in 2 years.

1 case study, £90,000 taxpayer saving.

Described as:

“Absolutely Essential”

“An Unqualified Success”

To obtain a broader view of this acclaimed service, read accolades from legal professionals and evaluate case studies and remarkable statistics, please read our 2015 Impact Report.

Goodwin Trust Impact Report – Mending Reoffending 2015

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