Create To Change

Creative ILM ‘Create to Change’

Create to Change (C2C) is an employment initiative targeting young people aged 16-29. We are seeking local employment opportunities within the creative and cultural sector for 51 young people living in Hull. As part of this exciting project, young people will not only gain valuable experience, they will also be provided with support throughout by an experienced keyworker. Young people will be paid the national minimum wage (dependant on age) whilst being on placement, this payment will be provided by the Goodwin Community Trust. This work experience will take place over the course of twelve weeks, however this can be flexible dependant on the needs of the placement and the young person.
By being a part of this new and exciting venture, employers can play a vital role in equipping the next generation with the skills, knowledge and passion to further shape and develop Hull’s creative and cultural industry and be a part of the city’s future history.

What are we offering?
• One-one keyworker support for both young people and employers (where needed)
• Regular reviews to ensure both parties are working effectively together and that the young people are meeting the needs of the job specification.
• Relevant training organised where required
• Employability skills, job search, CV development, interview preparation
• Group work to support personal and social development
• Maths and English where applicable

The process
To ensure that appropriate young people are enrolled on this scheme, those who apply will be required to go through an initial interview process with an IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) worker. This will enable us to assess the young person’s strengths, goals and ambitions so that we are able to match people to suitable placements. We are unique in the delivery of this programme as we are connected to other services that support young people. This enables us to enrich the lives of those young people who are work ready by signposting them to alternative provision. Those enrolled will take part in a two-week induction with the keyworkers at The Goodwin Community Hub, they will then be interviewed by the potential placement provider. Successful candidates will be provided with a job specification and the keyworker will be in touch on a weekly basis to ensure that all parties are successful in this match.
If you would like more information on this project, please do not hesitate to contact the Goodwin Creative ILM team on 01482 485958 or alternatively at or


Interested in Youth Work? Want to gain skills and experience whilst supporting a great project?


We have an exciting volunteer opportunity within youth work as part of Goodwin Development Trust’s Youth Employment Initiative.  You would be supporting young people’s personal and social development and help them to create projects that benefit not only the community, but also  themselves, as they develop skills, knowledge and ideas that support them as they develop into adults.

To find out more or for an informal chat about the volunteer role, please contact Lloyd Dobbs on 01482 587550 or email:

For a Volunteer Application Pack and Role Description, please email  You can also view the Role Description here:  YEI TM Volunteer Youth Work Role Description

Single Parent Support

singleParentOur single parent support project will engage with single parents aged 16- 29 years. A key worker will help them meet their personal, social, educational and employment goals and identify and overcome any barriers that they may face in life such as financial, mental health and housing issues through internal and external provisions.
Each Key Worker will work with the parent for 12 months and would maintain contact for a further 6 months to support sustainable longer term results.

Regular informal learning sessions delivered by YEI key workers will include
• personal and social development
• team working
• presentation skills
• problem solving
• job search techniques
• developing CV’s
• completing application forms
• interview skills

From the agreed individual action plan we will provide a flexible yet focused programme that includes a core mentoring offer that navigates the Parent through internally delivered support, YEI partner provision (traineeships and apprenticeships) and external support.

The Single Parent Support Project works in partnership with the Goodwin Development Trust’s group of Children’s Centres offering support such as

• Family support
• Healthy eating
• Functional skills
• Midwifery
• Doula and Breastfeeding Peer Support projects
• Sexual Health
• Renew (Substance mis-use support)
• ARKH (Refugee support),
• ABL Health and Smoking cessation

If you would like more information on this project please do not hesitate and contact the Goodwin Youth Employment Team on 01482 485958 or alternatively at

Two Way Street


What is Two Way Street?
Two Way Street will engage and work with young people from minority groups within the city of Hull with a focus upon new arrivals into our communities as refugees, asylum seekers or economic migrant’s. Young people must also have not worked for 1 year and above and willing to work with staff to identity and overcome potential barriers to their personal , social and educational development.
Our underpinning ethos is that,

“To simply celebrate peoples differing cultures is to sell young people short, cultures should understand, develop and progress together.”

Young people will be supported to recognize their own identify and roots and the role it plays in their new home and will also be used as part of their chosen pathway into further work or training.
Co-designed provision by staff and young people will feature throughout Two Way Street recognising that young people are the experts of their own situation and will be encouraged to work within the community to plan, deliver and evaluate projects with the aim of improving community cohesion, challenge discrimination and ultimately do something positive for the community.

Skill development
• team work
• planning
• meeting deadlines
• health and safety
• communication
• enterprise
• ICT/multimedia
• tolerance
• empathy/understanding

Work and volunteer placements
• warehousing
• childcare
• marketing
• catering
• youth work
• business administration
• Danny’s Dream (Health and social care)
• horticulture
• artists in residence
• West Hull Community Radio

If you would like more information on this project please do not hesitate and contact the Goodwin Youth Employment Initiative on 01482 485958 or alternatively at