Board Of Trustees

The Goodwin Development Trust Board of Trustees, (from left-to-right): Steve Owst, Maureen Bundy, Tony Dearing, Pat Noble (Vice-Chair), Stuart Spandler (Chair), Sharon Igoe, David Godfrey, and June Chearman.

The Goodwin Development Trust Board of Trustees
(from left-to-right): Steve Owst, Maureen Bundy, Tony Dearing, Pat Noble, Stuart Spandler (Chair)
Sharon Igoe, David Godfrey, and June Chearman.

Maureen Bundy
The Goodwin Development Trust’s Board of Trustees is delighted to welcome Maureen Bundy as our newest Trustee. Maureen originally joined Goodwin as a volunteer with our Royal British Legion service and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience gleaned from her many years in the Services. She spent 5 years with the Army Intelligence Corps, serving in Germany and the Far East. She spent the following 25 years working for a local boiler manufacturer, initially as a Technical Advisor before becoming a Customer Services Manager, giving Maureen a wealth of people and management skills. Maureen is a keen cross stitcher and knitter and is currently enjoying learning about Goodwin projects..

David Godfrey
Having joined the board of Danny’s Dream in 2008 David was elected to the board of GDT in April 2011 following the successful merger of the two organisations.  He has a keen interest in life-long learning and in the development of leadership and management at all levels.  He currently works as a lecturer at Hull College and external verifier for both the Institute of Management and the Chartered Management Institute. David brings to the board a wealth of mangement experiencing having worked in senior management roles within the textile industry for more than 35 years.

David is a member of the Humberside branch management team of the Chartered Management Institute – a position he has held for more than 20 years.  Having worked very closely with GDT over the past three years, he is very keen to work as trustee to promote Goodwin and help to move the organisation forward.

Stuart Spandler
Stuart’s background and experience gives him a wealth of experience and skills that he applies to his role of Chair.
Stuart was born on what is now known as the Thornton Estate where he has lived most of his life, returning to live on the estate after his theological training and working in churches across the North of England. He has had a rich and varied career with previous experience as a teacher; coach driver; teacher of English as a Foreign Language and radio presenter. More recently until his retirement Stuart also worked in the prosecutions department of the rail operator First TransPennine Express and he now continues his Church ministry, for which he was ordained a number of years ago, by working with bereaved families and conducting funeral services.

Tony Dearing
Tony has 25 years’ experience in voluntary work in the community sector and has been instrumental in the setting up of a number of community organisations which included helping to write funding bids and achieving legal status.  Tony was involved in the formation of the original Goodwin Centre Association in 1994 has remained an active trustee ever since – including a serving as Chairman of the Board.
Tony represents Goodwin on  Goodwin Community Trading as ist Chair and has served as chair on Goodwin’s Guide Neighbourhood Seedcorn Panel whilst this project was in operation, a panel which was responsible for approving grants of up to £10,000.

Sharon Igoe
Sharon has been a trustee since 2004 and became involved after moving onto the estate two years prior. She has a keen interest in community development and social equality, which is demonstrated by 20 years involvement in community and faith groups and charitable organisations.  Sharon’s professional experience has focussed on family support and community development roles which have involved supporting people to make positive changes for themselves and their families. Sharon also Chairs the Goodwin Community Housing Board

Steve Owst
Steve was one of the original founder Trustees of the Goodwin Development Trust back in 1994 – his first term as a Trustee lasting for two and a half years. Steve is now in his second term as a trustee, and he also sits on the Goodwin Community Housing Board. He works as an IT Technician and Consultant, specialising in assisting voluntary and community groups throughout East Yorkshire with their IT needs. He has lived on the Thornton Estate for 25 years and in his spare time helps run the Hull Sunday Football League – which is one of the largest amateur leagues in England.

Pat Noble
Pat has been a trustee since 2002, and Pat regularly represents Goodwin at conferences and events and was a Resident Guide on Goodwin’s Guide Neighbourhood Programme, responsible for providing visiting groups with information on Goodwin’s services as well as advice and support to help them achieve their goals.  Pat is also a member of the East Region Tenants Panel for William Sutton Trust.  Pat’s work history includes being a landlady of a hotel in Blackpool for many years, giving her experience and skills in all aspects of business and hospitality.

June Chearman
June has been a trustee of Goodwin since March 2003.  During this time, June has attended various conferences and events as a representative of Goodwin for purposes of training as well as promoting the organisation.  June was also a Resident Guide on Goodwin’s Guide Neighbourhood Programme, responsible for providing visiting groups with information on Goodwin’s services as well as advice and support to help them achieve their goals. June was a lead participant in the recent Quality of Life study conducted on the Thornton Estate using participatory appraisal techniques. June is also the Vice Chair of the trust and serves on the Goodwin Community  Trading Board