Artist In Residence


Our Artists in Residence programme sees commissioned artists working alongside residents and the community of Thornton Estate.

How it all began…

Back in 2010, The Goodwin Development Trust felt that the residents of Thornton Estate should be given the opportunity to see the determination and commitment of their community captured and portrayed on canvas – and so began the Artists in Residence initiative, which sought out local gifted art students and partnered them with local people.

Goodwin had developed a close working partnership with the Hull College Group and Lizzi Hayes, a student at Hull College of Art & Design was brought to our attention by her course tutors who viewed her talent as ‘exceptional’. Her focus was on portraiture – seeking inspiration from the ‘Old Masters’. She needed models and Goodwin had no shortage of willing candidates. She was also looking for experience of working within a community that might be classed as ‘hard to reach’.

Goodwin’s Darley’s Youth and Arts Centre was packed out for the preview of E.J. Hayes’ portraits of the residents of Thornton Estate. As our Chairman Stuart Spandler succinctly put it: “This exhibition is what Goodwin is all about – showing the world that the Thornton Estate is a proud and thriving community of good people.”
We continue to work closely with the Hull College of Art & Design and involve the students in the creative practice of our commissioned artists in residence.

Artists in Residence // 2016-17

This year sees two commissioned artists, Carla Moss and Andy Pea, working alongside residents and the community of Thornton Estate until 2017.

Artists in Residence // 2014-15

This was our first year as a fully funded arts programme delivered under the banner of ‘Estate of the Nation’, and also the 20th anniversary of the Goodwin Trust.

Our artists in residence were Silvio Palladino, Andy Pea and Middle Child Theatre.