Andy Pea

Andy Pea is a Hull based artist and leading member of the Kingston Art Group. As artist in residence his challenge was to work on a series of small-scale interventions in the public realm.

His bird box project and origami bird work entitled ‘Murmuration’ has seen him collaborate with St Andrews House, Danny’s Dream, William Booth House, Darley’s Youth and Arts Centre and Adelaide Primary School, with around 3000 people folding a bird for the installation at The Octagon.

Andy said: “The experiences and encounters I have had while working with the community have been uplifting and a breath of fresh air – working with one-year-olds at Fenchurch Children’s Centre, through to women in their 80s and 90s from Cambridge Street.

“The murmuration is really a by-product of the actual project. The exciting part has been the conversations, the shared memories and laughter that has happened whilst crafting the individual birds and the sense of community.”

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